On my quest to try to be a more educated, well-rounded mother, I have been finding myself slowly moving towards the arts again. It started with StellarCakeArt, and then a couple of years later, I found myself elbow deep in yarn…lol.

My crocheting adventure started with my sister making Lalo a crocheted doll. I thought the concept was pretty neat, but it didn’t interest me at the time to actually try to crochet. Then, the Fall/Winter of 2012, I got all of Lalo’s church dresses out of storage, washed them up, and hung them in her closet. I realized that she had a LOT of red in the colors of her dresses but no cute hair clips to go with them. Upon looking at the usual store where we buy her little hair clips, I never found any the color red. Then, a friend of mine bought a few of my sister’s dolls, so I had the pleasure of seeing them again. And, it occurred to me that I could probably learn to crochet Lalo a hair clip.

First, I went to the local retail store and found myself a little starter kit and picked up some pink camo yarn. I sat down and tried to do all the types of crochet using the manual that came with my kit. I felt soooo lost! I couldn’t really see what they were doing in the photos and I didn’t have the patience to try to learn what SC, DC, etc. meant. So, it was back to Youtube I went…LOL. I told you that you can learn anything on Youtube! However, I didn’t start with a hair clip. I realized that beanie hats typically only required the knowledge of ONE type of crochet stitch verses a flower hair clip which required the knowledge of several types of crochet stitches. So, my very first crocheted thing was a pink camo beanie hat for Lalo. I then proceeded to learn even more stitches by making a little flower for the beanie. I also found crocheting so relaxing that I wanted to keep going. Thus, I learned lots of new stitches and did many different projects.

Here are photo links to my crocheted things. Just click on the crocheted thing that you wish to see more photos of and/or want to know more about. I also hope to eventually add a "How To" section to this page, so I hope you'll bookmark my page and check back often. Hope you enjoy!

(click photos to see more details about each crocheted thing)

this is image #1 this is image #2 this is image #3

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