Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crochet - Potato Chip Scarf (Pink Camo)

The potato chip scarf was my second attempt at crocheting. I actually got this pattern out of the book that came with my initial crocheting kit. I don't think it said it was a potato chip scarf, but that's what my husband's grandmother said it is, so that's what I'm calling it...lol. This scarf took what seemed like forever, but there were several factors involved like me only being able to work on it a little bit each day and it is a REALLY long scarf. It's actually way too long for Lalo, which is who I made it for...to match her pink camo beanie hat. But, I later found out that it matches my pink turtleneck and green skirt quite nicely, so this one might have to be Mommy's :) However, for a while, it was a "drag around the house and play" toy for the kids. So, yes, it has held up well too!

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