Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crochet - Hair Clips (Bows and Flowers)

While my sister's crocheted dolls did inspire my plunge into the crochet world, I did have an another motive. Lalo has a lot of red Fall/Winter dresses, and I could not find a little plain red hair clip for her. So, I decided to just crochet her one. I really liked the flower that I made for her beanie hat, so I made a few of those to match her dresses. I originally made the brown, white, and pink one JUST brown and white. Then, I decided to add the pink part so that it would match another little outfit. And, I had a little pink camo left, so I found another video that showed me how to make a bow, and I tweaked it a bit for the size I wanted. These were really quick and easy to make, and there were lots of videos on how to do it. Here are the links for the videos that I chose to use:


I used these "Flower" links to make the red flower hair clip and the brown/white portion of the other flower clip. I loved this lady's tutorial...she has a great personality and the flowers are easy to make and really pretty. But, beware of her single crochet because according to the book I have, what she calls a single crochet is not actually a single crochet. She goes through the stitch, yarns over, pulls back through the stitch (leaving 2 loops on the hook), yarns over, pulls back through the first loop (leaving 2 loops on the hook again), yarns over, and pulls back through both loops. But, if you do what she's doing, it comes out just right, and works just fine...so, just follower her lead and not her words if you know what I mean ;) I'm sure what she is doing has an actual name, but I couldn't find the name. If you know what it is, leave a comment and let us know!

Tiny Flower

I used this "Tiny Flower" link to make the pink portion of the brown/white/pink flower hair clip. I've told you in previous blogs about how I can't remember anything, so I really can't remember if I followed these instructions exactly. I'm thinking that I did not. I think I actually left out a few stitches because her flower was still too big for the pink portion of the hair clip for which I needed it.


I used this "Bow" link to make the pink camo hair bow clip. I give props to this lady for crocheting with those nails! I liked her bow more than the others I watched. I just wanted something simple but cute.

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