Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommy's Sleepy Time

I read a clip of a newspaper. It was about women and how when they don't getting enough sleep it causes emotional and physical issues. I could see myself being the one to write the article, complaining about not ever getting sleep, and that made me a little disappointed with myself. So, here's a blog post to help me remember that my faith needs to be in a place where I can move that particular mountain...

I am most definitely one lucky wife. My husband does everything he can to make me happy. If I asked him to get up with both children, every time they get up at night, then he would do it and not even say a thing about it...even knowing that he needs the sleep for work the next day. But, I don't ask that of him. I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and while my job is just as demanding as my husband's, if not even more so, I expect to be the one getting up at night with the children when he has to work the next day. His job is puts food on the table, clothes on our back, gas in our cars, etc. And, we feel that God has been gracious enough to bless us with that income so that I can stay home, so I don't feel the need to "rock the boat" by making my husband go to work tired.

My husband often makes comments indicating that he's grateful for me staying's not a job he desires for himself, but he's glad I'm willing to do it for our family ;) Let's face it Moms...we can pretend to be the perfect Mom all we want, but raising kids does make us weary even if it's for only one minute every now and then. That doesn't make us bad just means we're human and we get tired sometimes too.

I know that when I’ve had a good night of sleep, I am a better Mom and wife the next day. When I’ve had adequate sleep, I actually feel like cooking, cleaning, playing with the children, showing my husband attention, etc. Those things literally make me happy…to serve my family. When I’ve not had sleep, all I can think about is how tired I am, and I trudge on regardless. But, the reward doesn’t seem as great.

I often find myself up at 12:00am, 1:00am…even 2:00am sometimes…doing things that are not as important as being alert and ready for my job the next day. So, I am guilty of me being tired a lot of the time. And, then there are nights when I go to bed early, and my children wake me up every two hours. But, that’s part of raising children…those moments don’t last forever, and we can get through them with a little faith. Plus, there will be a day when we wish our children are still sleeping in the room next to us, despite the fact they wake us up every few moments all night long ;) And, then there are the nights when the children sleep perfectly all night long, but I kept waking up worrying why they aren’t waking up…lol! And, I get myself up, go check on them, hit the bathroom on the way back, and maybe get 30 consecutive minutes of sleep all night long.

We’re Moms…homemakers…caretakers of children. Lack of sleep comes with the territory. It’s annoying, yes, but it is part of it. And, this is something I will try to remind myself of every time my eyelids would rather close than do my job. If giving up my children, my husband…this life…meant that I could get all the sleep I wanted, would I give it all up? NO…I’ll take no sleep any day!

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  1. Well said, Stella! Your blog looks wonderful! Thanks for your encouragement!

    1. Thanks Lauren! You encourage me often...glad I could return the favor :)