Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sewing Machine

Wow, did this one require a LOT of work. But, I like detail, so it had to be done :) But, most of all, it was for a very special lady, who has been so kind to my family; so, it had to be done to the best of my ability! I had worked on it ALL day long, managed to get away from it for a few hours for "Bunco Night" with some ladies from church, and headed home early to finish up (with my hubby's help...thank you sweetie). Little did I know that "finish up" meant somewhere between 3am and 5am. But, it was worth it for such a special person in our lives! The sewing machine is made from rice krispie treats covered with fondant. The cake was a mix of half yellow and half chocolate, so everyone could have their choice. Everything else was pretty much made from fondant...oh wait...the little white "pins" coming out of the "pin cushion" were not edible.

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