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Soy Pancakes - Egg FREE

Bubby, my almost 2 year old, has pretty bad food allergies. He's allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, and peanut butter; and, he can't completely digest grains like rice. So, as you can imagine, it's hard for us to find things he CAN eat. Anyway, I found a recipe online for normal my family has used since we decided to start eating things that are made more from scratch...more natural ingredients and less preservatives. Then, I did a search on soy pancakes. It was hard to find recipes that excluded all of his allergens, so I had to make something up on my own. Now, Bubby's favorite breakfast is Mommy's Soy Pancakes and a banana. Because he has them almost every morning, I make them ahead of time and freeze them. One recipe will make probably 2-3 weeks worth of pancakes and leave you some to spare :) Here's the recipe:

Soy Pancakes - Egg FREE


2 1/2 cups soy flour (I use Hodgson Mill All Natural Soy Flour.)
1/2 cup cornstarch (I use Argo's because the kids like to use the empty containers in their play kitchen.)
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce (I make sure the only ingredients are apples and citric acid.)
1/4 cup oil (I use olive oil)
4-5 cups water (until the desired consistency)
butter, for greasing the pan (I use Earth Balance; instead of buttering pancakes prior to eating them, I just
           use butter as my grease, so that there's no need to butter later.)


1.  Whisk the dry ingredients (flour, cornstarch,
     baking powder, salt, and sugar) in a large bowl
     until blended well.

2.  Add applesauce, oil, and 2 cups of water to the dry
     ingredients and mix just until dry ingredients are wet. I use
     a silicone spatula for this part, because the batter will be
     too thick to use a whisk.

3.  Mix in about 1/2 cup of water at a time. Once enough
     water is mixed in, I switch to my whisk so that I can whip
     out all of the lumps. Then, I assess the thickness of the
     mixture, and add the remaining water (or however much
     water until the batter is the thickness I desire, which is like
     the consistency of normal pancake batter).

     NOTE: If you've never used soy flour before, it's a
     learning experience. It does not soak up liquids the same
     as wheat flour. Soy flour requires more liquid and more
     mixing to work the liquid in, plus it thickens as it stands.

4.  Turn the stove top on to about low-medium
     heat, and grease the griddle. I use a griddle
     because it allows me to cook a lot of pancakes
     at one time.

5.  Pour just a little bit of the batter at a time onto the 
     griddle. With a griddle that covers two stove eyes,
     you should be able to cook 8 small pancakes at a
     time. After each individual pancake I "pour", I use
     the back of my silicon spatula to thin the pancake
     out a little bit. Not only does this allow me to
     make my batter go further, but it also helps the
     pancakes cook faster. These pancakes are very
     moist, and soy flour is not like wheat flour, so if you
     pour a pancake too thick, it will take a long time to

6.  Once the pancakes start to bubble on the top and
     brown on the bottom, flip them over to cook on the
     other side.

7.  Once they brown on the other side, and are no
     longer incredibly mushy in the center, the pancakes
     are done.

8.  As the pancakes finish cooking, stack them all onto a big
     plate and allow them to cool completely. Then, wrap 2
     pancakes (or more or less, depending on what you want for
     each individual "serving size") together in plastic wrap (to
     prevent freezer burn); repeat the wrapping of 2 pancakes
     together until all of the pancakes have been wrapped. Then,
     place them in a gallon size plastic freezer bag.

9.  If Bubby is in the house while I'm cooking these, then it's a
     guarantee that I'll have to relinquish at least two pancakes
     while But, as I mentioned earlier, I freeze the
     remaining pancakes for his breakfast. To reheat them, I use a
     toaster on low-medium setting.

Yield: 20-40 small pancakes (for Bubby, this is enough
          pancakes for 2-3 weeks and a few to spare when we
          have breakfast for supper).
Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30-45 minutes (it's a LOT of pancakes)

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